VEVOR Bag Closer Machine 110V Portable Electric Sewing Machine 90W Excellent Endurable Level Seaming Machine for Woven Snakeskin Bag Sack


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VEVOR Bag Closer Machine 110V Portable Electric Sewing Machine 90W Excellent Endurable Level Seaming Machine for Woven Snakeskin Bag Sack

  • Brand: VEVOR
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GK26-1ABXSFRJ0001V1
  • Manufacturer: VEVOR
  • Assembled Product Weight: 13.75 lb
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.00 x 12.00 x 10.60 Inches

Brand Introduction
VEVOR is a leading brand that specializes in equipment and tools. Along with thousands of motivated employees, VEVOR is dedicated to providing our customers with tough equipment & tools at incredibly low prices. Today, VEVOR has occupied markets of more than 200 countries with 10 million plus global members.
Why Choose VEVOR
1.Tough Quality Assurance
2.Incredibly Low Prices
3.Fast & Secure Delivery
4.30-Day Free Returns
5.24/7 Professional Customer Service

Product Description
90 W Bag Sewing Machine
This portable bag sewing machine is specially designed for closing bags in different fields such as agriculture, logistics, commerce, etc. This machine can be carried by one technician. This heavy-duty sewing machine works with virtually all kinds of bags, including Kraft paper, woven polypropylene, laminated woven polypropylene, net, PP, cloth and so on.
High Quality
The main parts are supported by high-quality steel, and the easy-wear parts undergo special heat treatment. Mechanical parts are sturdy and durable.
Lubrication System
The pot type hand pump oiling device can make the main parts of the machine lubricate in time, easy to use, stable and practical.
Automatic Thread Cutter
Bag sewing machine can automatically cut the thread after each packing, and can cut the thread without additional work.
Power Motor
The support motor of this machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can be used normally in very harsh environments. 90w high power motor has high efficiency.
Single-Thread Chain Stitch
The finished surface is flat, which also prevents fold lines on the edges of the fabric and breakage of the bag.
Wide Application
This type of heavy bag sewing machine is suitable for a variety of bags, such as Kraft paper (single layer / multi-layer), woven cloth, laminated woven cloth, net, PP / PE, cloth, linen, linen, cotton, etc., Food, pet, animal, chemical and other industries.

Condition: New
Brand: Vevor
Bag closer machine model: GK26-1A
Voltage: 110V 60HZ
Power: 90W
Speed: 1500-1800 rpm
Thickness Of Sewing Material: 8 mm (0.31in)
Space Between Stitches: 8.5 mm (0.33in)
Dimensions: 36x37x27 cm (14.2×14.6×10.6in)
Net Weight: 5.6 kg(12.3LB)
Package Content
1 X set Manual Bag Stitches and Accessories

– WEAR-RESISTANT MATERIALS – Important parts of this bag sewing machine are made of high-quality metal materials. Wear-resistant parts are specially treated to ensure product stability.
– HIGH EFFICIENCY – The sack sewing machine is an excellent lock stitch sewing machine with a lightweight, safe plastic handle, and features an integrated lubrication system, and an automatic thread trimmer.
– STRONG MOTOR – Fully enclosed 90W high-power motor can ensure continuous operation of the machine and improve work efficiency. (1500-1800 rpm).
– EASY TO OPERATE – The operation is extremely simple, can be used with one hand, fast sewing speed, low noise, small size, lightweight, and equipped with sewing thread.
– WIDELY USE – The portable bag sealing machine is a special hand-held sealing device suitable for sealing various packaging openings, such as sacks, cloth bags, Kraft bags, and plastic bags.

Additional information

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions10.6 × 12 × 14 in






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